Founder & Editor

London Theatre Blog was founded by Andrew Eglinton in late 2005 while completing an MA course in Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths College.


London Theatre Blog was born out of a simple passion for theatre. The site began as a personal blog exploring ideas on the creation and experience of theatre. In late 2006 LTB invited several guest authors to contribute articles on topics related to their areas of expertise. Blogging had begun to permeate the theatre industry around this time and there was a surge in activity, with theatre professionals, students and aficionados keen to partake in the global online theatre debate.

LTB continued on its trajectory of diversification, recognising the need to bring together a wide range of voices and experiences to discuss and act on the pressing issues of the day. By 2010, the site ceased operations. It was a combination of high standards of penmanship, passion for theatre and diversity of opinion that made London Theatre Blog one of the UK’s leading online theatre publications.

Mission Statement

London Theatre Blog existed to:

  • challenge the status-quo through open and informed discussion
  • exchange knowledge and nurture collaborations
  • maintain a diverse, engaging and quality content stream
  • provide contributing authors with an esteemed platform for the dissemination of their work
  • expand interest and participation in theatre through new technologies
  • offer current and accessible information on theatre in London and beyond
  • contribute to London, UK and international theatre cultures


Unless stated otherwise, all information displayed on this site is the property of its respective authors. All references and citations of content on this site should be duly credited with a link back to the source in the case of online content, and email contact in the case of printed matter.

We try our utmost to obtain permission for all text, video, audio and photo material displayed on the site. However, if there are any instances of breach of copyright please get in touch via the contact form and amendments will be made within the shortest possible delay.